Cereal Milk
We are pleased to inform you of our impending launch of our latest innovation, Cereal Milk In A Can, as a ready to drink product. This is the newest addition to the award winning Vitamax family. We have 4 flavours, Sweet Corn Flavor, Chocolate Flavor, Strawberry Flavor and Banana Flavour.
The product is nutritional, is suitable for the young and the old. For a sporty person who needs a quick meal before a run, this is it. For a busy executive who is in between meetings, this product would quench hunger.
Summary of Positive Product Attributes Of The Vitamax Cereal Milk Drink
Major Product Innovation
The product combines the attributes and benefits of both drinking cereal and milk simultaneously.
Cereal is a source of protein, dietary fiber, essential vitamins and minerals.
Milk is a source of calcium. Calcium is important for the development of bones, especially in young growing children.
Convenient Beverage
The product is a ready to drink beverage and therefore allows the consumer to have a cereal meal easily.
The consumer need not to obtain cereal and milk, and does not have to prepare the meal in advance.
Source Of Energy
Vitamax Cereal Milk drink is a source of energy due to the usage of glucose. Glucose is known to be a source of energy.
Calcium Enriched Product
The product is considered calcium enriched under US FDA Standards and Australian Food Laws.
Packing Details
20 ft Container:
245 ml x 24 Cans x 2600 Cartons